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BotArena 1.27.1

Mensaje por FranAvalon » Jue Mar 31, 2011 6:12 pm

Nueva version de botarena. Esta vez trae unas pocas cartas y algunos bugs corregidos. Es lo que tiene que estemos bastante ocupados en la vida real. También he incluido una pantalla inicial a ver si os gusta.

He agregado un par de ficheros con los mejores decks del mes de marzo en Legacy y Standard soportados por el BA. Los decks están sacados de los torneos de SCG y del GP de Barcelona, junto con alguno del MOL y Magic leage.

Si alguno quiere participar en el proyecto, que no dude en enviarme un PM o postear aqui solicitándolo.

Download BotArena 1.27.1 release

Los cambios en esta versión, por supuesto en inglés ;)

Card bug fixes:

- Give and take fixed. Now you can sac a planeswalker to force the opponent to sac his/her/its one.
- Mystic Might casting cost fixed.
- Oriss, Samite Guardian fixed - granduer ability know affects targeted player.
- Orzhov Guildmage's first ability no longer requires tapping.
- Sheila, Recycler of Dreams shows hybrid mana symbols on its card text.
- Spreading Seas fixed. Now IA will cast it on your lands instead on its lands.
- Tezzeret, Agent of bolas first ability fixed. Now selected card is showed to all players.


- Controller check for auras that can only enchant permanents from specific controller is done as a state based action now.
- Interactions between Reflecting Pool, Exotic Orchard and similar cards are fixed.
- Now AI will not cast a "Jace, the Mind Sculptor" when another Jace is on battlefield under its control.
- Cards that use "the highest converted mana cost among permanents you control" should no longer cause a crash if card 0 is a land.

Cards added:

Alara Reborn: Uril, the Miststalker; Vengeful Rebirth

Alliances: Gorilla Shaman

Champions of Kamigawa: Hearth Kami

Coldsnap: Deepfire Elemental

Darksteel: Auriok Glaivemaster, Drooling Ogre, Reshape

Exodus: Plaguebearer

Fifth Dawn: Grafted Wargear

Five: Rabid Wombat

Future Sight: Linessa, Zephyr Mage; Riftsweeper

Guildpact: Gatherer of Graces, Sky Swallower

Legends: Rabid Wombat

Mirrodin: Leonin Den-Guard, Myr Incubator, Skyhunter Cub

Saviors of Kamigawa: Measure of Wickedness

Scars of Mirrodin: Glimmerpoint Stag, Grafted Exoskeleton, Sunspear Shikari, Viridian Revel

Raise of Eldrazi: Kor Spiritdancer

Ravnica: Disembowel

Time Spiral: Molder

Worldwake: Kitesail Apprentice, Perimeter Captain, Quest for the Goblin Lord

Zendikar: Kor Duelist

New decks:

Daily Deck 033 (20081008) - ImACloud's ELVES!
Daily Deck 036 (20081013) - Uri Peleg's Doran
Daily Deck 192 (20090519) - Sarcasto's Pauper Affinity
Daily Deck 207 (20090609) - Christian Fevrier's Jund Aggro
Daily Deck 224 (20090702) - Erika Sudou's Fertile Control
Daily Deck 390 (20100219) - Michael Rose's Worldwake Goblins
Daily Deck 395 (20100226) - Patrick Chapin's White-Blue Control
Daily Deck 546 (20100927) - Quest for the Holy Armor
Daily Deck 581 (20101115) - Kostas Daniilidis's Mirran Quest
Daily Deck 630 (2011121) - Nicholas Spagnolo's Painted Stone
Daily Deck 651 (20110221) - Christian Calcano's Blue-Black Vampires
Daily Deck 657 (20110301) - Gerry Thompson's Caw-Blade
Daily Deck 658 (20110302) - reiderrabbit's New Bant
Daily Deck 660 (20110303) - Michael Rooks's Furnace Celebration
Daily Deck 661 (20110307) - Jonathan Job's Sun Titan Control
Daily Deck 662 (20110308) - Patrick Sullivan's Red Deck Wins
Daily Deck 664 (20110310) - Douglas Scheinberg's Goblins
Daily Deck 667 (20110315) - Jeremiah A. Haney's Mono-White Flickerwisp
Daily Deck 669 (20110317) - Alex Bertoncini's Fish
Daily Deck 670 (20110318) - Daniel Vigil's White-Blue Kithkin
Daily Deck 672 (20110322) - Ben Stark's Affinity
Daily Deck 674 (20110324) - Jeremiah Edwards's Glint Hawk
Daily Deck 675 (20110325) - Nate Heiss's Myr Incubator
Daily Deck 676 (20110328) - Gerry Thompson's White-Blue-Black Caw-Blade
Alara Reborn Intro Pack - Rumbler
Ravnica Preconstructed - Golgari Deathcreep
Rise of the Eldrazi Intro Pack - Totem Power
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